Dance Church

Dance Church Santa Cruz


A DJ'd freestyle dance that starts with slow warmup inner-journey music, revving up to a rockin' boogie.

Bring your joy, your sorrow. Something for the altar.

Be in your own space, or connect with others.

Ends with a circle for sharings and announcements.

Related: ecstatic dance, five rhythms dance, contact improvisation dance.


At the 418 Project, which has moved to 155 River Street South in Santa Cruz, California.
This new location is near Trader Joe's in an old theatre building.
(Not to be confused with 155 River St North).
There is also a video connection: see the Virtual Dance Church Page.
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Every Sunday morning from 9:30am to noon.
See above link for virtual dance church times.


Organized by volunteers, sponsored by the 418 Project. Attended by people of all ages and abilities.


Because we love you!

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418 Project website
• A 10-minute video interview with the founders of Dance Church from 2004 can be watched on YouTube HERE or download HERE.

Dance Church in Santa Cruz is unrelated to the organization that has recently trademarked "Dance Church" and threatened to sue us for using it.